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Aluminum automobile wheel hub

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Forging is one of the early forming processes of aluminum wheels. The forging aluminum hub has the advantages of high strength, good corrosion resistance, accurate size and small processing quantity. In general, the weight of the wheel is only equivalent to the 1/2 of the same size steel wheel or lower. The grain flow direction of the forging aluminum wheel is the same as that of the force. The strength, toughness and fatigue strength of the forging aluminum wheel are significantly better than that of the cast aluminum wheel. At the same time, the performance has good reproducibility, almost every hub has the same mechanical properties. The typical elongation of the forged aluminum wheel is 12%~17%, so that the vibration and stress of the road can be well absorbed. Usually, the casting hub has a very strong ability to withstand compressive forces, but the ability to withstand impact, shear and tensile loads is much less than that of forging aluminum wheels. The forged hub has a higher

Technological process


Introduction of equipment

6000 ton free forging press

The free forgings are single 4 tons, width 2.5m, length 10m, forging ring 3.9m, forging pipe diameter 700, 40 * 2200.

10000 ton multi direction die forging press

Die forging projection area of 0.33 square meters (aluminum), length 2m, width 1m, height 0.8m.

30000 ton die forging press

Die forging projection area of 2 square meters, 1.2 square meters (aluminum) (titanium, steel), length 9m, width 2.5m, height 1m.

5m NC diameter axial ring rolling mill

The diameter is 700 to 5000mm (height below 200mm) and the height is 80 to 800mm (below 2500mm).



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