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Aluminum piston skirt

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Forging aluminum piston skirt is the future development direction and goal of the engine. For heavy vehicle and high power diesel engine, forged aluminum piston will gradually become the mainstream of design in order to meet the needs of high explosive pressure (greater than 20MPa). As the core part of the engine, the performance of the piston directly affects the performance of the engine. At present, the main forming methods of piston are gravity casting, pressure casting, forging and so on. It is easy to produce the defects such as porosity, shrinkage, and segregation. Compared with the casting process, the forging piston can be refined by plastic forming, and the grain can be refined and the flow line is distributed. The internal pores of the material are more compact after welding, and the mechanical properties, heat conduction and high pressure resistance are obviously enhanced, and the piston workers are increased. The reliability of the work.

Technological process


Introduction of equipment

6000 ton free forging press

The free forging is 4 tons, with a maximum width of 2.5m, a maximum length of 10m, a forging ring of 3.9m, and a maximum diameter of forged tube of 700 x 40 x 2200.

10000 ton multi direction die forging press

Die forging projection area of 0.33 square meters (aluminum), the maximum length of 2m, width 1m, height 0.8m.

30000 ton die forging press

Die forging projection area of 2 square meters, 1.2 square meters (aluminum) (titanium, steel), maximum length 9m, maximum width 2.5m, height 1m.

5m NC diameter axial ring rolling mill

The diameter is 700 to 5000mm (height below 200mm) and the height is 80 to 800mm (below 2500mm).



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