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3105Aluminum plate

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Product introduction

After anodizing the surface of the 3105 aluminum plate, a thin layer of alumina protective film can be produced. It has good anti-corrosion ability in the atmosphere and has good corrosion resistance. Because of its good conductivity, the conductivity is up to 41%. 3105 aluminum plate has high plasticity under annealing condition, and the plasticity is good when semi cold is hardened.

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The packing method of aluminum plate:

1. Foil or laminating the aluminum sheet to ensure that the surface of the aluminum sheet is intact without scratching.

2, the plastic or kraft paper package is used to prevent moisture and rain, to ensure that the aluminum plate is clean and free of dirt during the transportation process (each package has moistureproof desiccant to ensure the quality of our products in East China and Southern China).

3, add wooden support and steel belt reinforcement to avoid collision in transportation process and ensure aluminum plate geometry unchanged.

4. Export products are packed in wooden boxes and brackets with fumigation marks.

5, packaging according to other packaging requirements of customers.

The packing method of the strip:

1. When the width of the strip is not larger than 500mm and the coil diameter is not greater than 500mm, after wrapping 1~2 layers of kraft paper outside, it will be packed with adhesive label.

2, when the width of the strip is not more than 500mm and the roll diameter is more than 500mm, the outer layer is wrapped with bamboo sheet, fiber board or cardboard after wrapping 1~2 layers of kraft paper and a layer of plastic cloth, and the vertical or horizontal tray is packaged in series, and the vertical (or lying) tray is used.

3, when the width of the strip is greater than 500mm and the roll diameter is more than 500mm, the 1~2 layers of kraft paper and a layer of plastic cloth are wrapped, and the outer layer is packed with a bamboo mat, or the fiberboard is wrapped by a vertical or horizontal tray frame.

Product application

3105 can be used for atomic energy and nuclear reactor aluminum (element package and structure material), heat transfer device (heat sink, carburetor, cooler), swimming pool side board, aluminum alloy furniture, room partition, gear plate, movable room board, eaves slot and drop pipe, sheet forming processing parts, bottle cap, cork and so on.


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