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Strengthening value creation

Deepening the reform and development

The Al al industry is fully committed to meet challenges, deepen reform in an all-round way, adjust development ideas and take the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic situation. Under the guidance of various functional departments of the government and the support of all sectors of the society, we work together, overcome difficulties, carry out the four major measures, such as "the marketization of the institutional mechanism, the internationalization of the industrial layout, the securitization of assets and the professionalization of the managers", to stimulate the internal vitality, cultivate the inner motivation and improve the sustainable development of the enterprise. Ability.

Clear ideas of reform 

Changing the concept of development, taking the initiative to adapt to the new normal, taking the quality and efficiency as the center, focusing on the transformation and upgrading, and taking the reform and innovation as the motive force, focusing on the development of the four dominant industries, reshaping the industrial genes, and striving to develop the aluminum and aluminum industry into an international enterprise group for about ten years.


 Change the concept of development

The West Aluminum and aluminum industry has deeply studied the internal and external environment and carefully analyzed the resources ability, and formed the overall planning plan and development concept of the business reorganization. The overall planning scheme clearly shows the principle of changing from the scale to the quality and the benefit, from the factor pulling to the innovation driven. It embodies the thought of intensive development and embodies the strong action. The requirements of excellence reflect the requirements of adhering to the five development concepts, and promote the sustainable development of enterprises in essence, which has been highly recognized by the relevant stakeholders.

 Optimization of management and control mode

The Western aluminum aluminum industry has actively accelerated the adjustment of the management and control model. A list of responsibilities of headquarters and key functions and control interface is set up. The interface between headquarters, platform companies and owned enterprises is gradually clear, and the construction of strategic management headquarters is constantly advancing. Combined with business restructuring, we will transform the two platforms of new and old equipment and domestic trade. We should actively promote the substantive operation of the business platforms of each plate to create a specialized sub group with the function of capital enlargement to make the transformation of the business department to the sub group.

 Strengthening the practice of reform

The West Aluminum aluminum industry adapts to the macro environment and the changes in the market industry, in order to start the planning of "13th Five-Year" as an opportunity to optimize and adjust the development strategy of the West Aluminum aluminum industry, set up the new five major business plates and asset disposal plate business development plan, and lead and encourage the restructuring of the industrial structure of the West Aluminum aluminum industry.

 Innovation system mechanism

Innovation is the basis for sustainable development of enterprises and the way to win market. Western aluminum and aluminum industry is actively promoting management innovation, optimizing the organizational structure, exploring new management mechanism and new operation mode, and actively innovating the internal mechanism. To promote business model innovation, take the market as the core, take the customer demand as the guidance, leveraging the "Internet plus", changing the operating mode and profit mode, to promote the reform and innovation, give full play to the reform breakthrough and leading role, accelerate the formation of systems and mechanisms conducive to the development of aluminum industry in West aluminum.

Strengthening corporate governance

The West aluminium and aluminum industry attaches great importance to corporate governance, and more measures should be taken to improve the system construction, improve the internal rules and regulations, strengthen the important decisions of the enterprises and examine the legitimacy of the important economic contracts, and continue to improve the management level of the enterprises.

 Adjustment of management structure

The West Aluminum aluminum industry headquarters is reorganized according to its functions, insisting on "one person more post, one duty and full responsibility, full work work", organize and implement the three definite plan, and set up 11 physical operation platforms under the "5+1" business plate, and begin to operate according to the new system.

Strengthening risk control

Facing the new market environment, the West Aluminum aluminum industry focuses on identifying the risk points of each link, standardizing the business process, and improving the risk control system of "pre event - event - afterwards" risk controlled, so as to ensure that no new major risk matters occur in the later operation. At the same time, we should strengthen the management and control of financial risk, actively investigate the potential risk items, formulate precautionary plans ahead of time, continue to carry out the risk investigation of commodity trade, and increase the management and control of financing trade, entrustment guarantee, trust, financial derivatives and other business.

 Adhere to good faith management

Western aluminum and aluminum industry adhering to the concept of sustainable development, implementing the concept of "rule by law", adhering to the rule of law, and keeping the power running in the sun. Strictly standardize the business behavior of the enterprises, promote information sharing and process transparency, actively carry out management audit, improve the effectiveness of audit, standardize business operation, standardize management behavior, scientific supervision and management, eliminate blind areas and loopholes.

 Promoting the two integration

The West Aluminum aluminum industry will deepen the two integration, realize the upgrading and optimization of the OA system, further promote the application and evaluation of the ERP system, comprehensively strengthen the full quality cycle management of the aluminum product business contract, and promote the management efficiency and the management and control ability with the information technology.

Promotion of value creation

 Ensure steady operation

The West Aluminum and aluminum industry is actively coping with unprecedented difficulties and pressures, and takes the initiative to increase market development and ensure stable operation in the current period. The business adjustment shows positive changes, effectively compresses the scale of high risk business, and the cash flow and capital chain of the operating activities remain stable, and the target of steady growth is basically completed.

 Cultivate the superior industry

Leveraging the capital market and the "Internet plus", integration of internal and external resources, cultivate four industries: engineering technology, new material technology and finance, high-end manufacturing, logistics and trade of mineral resources.

 Strengthening scientific and technological innovation

The West aluminium and aluminum industry insists on scientific and technological drive, giving full play to the advantages of scientific and technological resources, improving the ability of technological innovation as the core, promoting the integration of production, learning and research, implementing the three wheel drive of capital, technology and market, encouraging the enterprises to guide the enterprises to increase the innovation of science and technology, and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of the technological innovation of the aluminum industry.