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Green service chain

Attaching importance to environmental management

The industry of Western aluminum and aluminum has a profound understanding of the negative impact of each link on the environment. It is considered that strengthening environmental protection management is an important duty of the company and an important part of the company's management system. The effective environmental management system is the basic prerequisite for improving the environment and achieving sustainable development. The company encourages the wide participation of stakeholders, continuously improves the company's environmental management, and is committed to providing a green service chain for the aluminum industry and the related strategic emerging industries.

Developing energy saving and environmental protection products

From the aspects of continuous improvement of environmental management system, improving the assessment mechanism of energy saving and environmental protection, building environmental emergency mechanism and improving the ability of environmental management, the whole environment level of Western aluminum aluminum industry is constantly improved.



Construction of environmental accident emergency mechanism

The enterprises in the West Aluminum aluminum industry continue to build up the environmental accident emergency disposal system, which are courteous, orderly, fast and efficient and unified, and make an emergency plan for environmental events. Through the construction of emergency mechanism, we can improve the company's ability to deal with environmental public crisis.


Improving the assessment mechanism of environmental protection

First, we must strictly prohibit the environmental impact assessment of new, upgrading or expanding projects without prior approval.

Two, it is forbidden to discharge pollutants beyond the pollutant discharge standard.

Three, it is strictly prohibited to illegally dump, discharge or treat toxic and hazardous substances such as   radioactive waste, hazardous waste and dangerous chemicals.

Four, we must strictly prohibit excessive standard emissions of heavy metal pollutants such as lead, mercury and cadmium and persistent organic pollutants.

Five, prohibited by underground pipe, seepage wells, pits, etc. perfusion emission;

Six, strictly prohibit radioactive sources from safety supervision and protection control.

Seven. It is strictly forbidden to collect, store, utilize and dispose of hazardous wastes such as waste mineral oil, waste emulsified liquid, waste acid, waste alkali, wastewater treatment sludge, etc.

Eight, it is strictly prohibited to idle, dismantle the pollution control facilities or operate the pollution prevention and control facilities.

Nine, we must strictly prohibit the production, sale and use of technologies, equipment and products that seriously pollute the environment.

Ten, no late, false, cheat, false negative environmental accidents.