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Leading the career development

Employees are the most valuable resources and wealth for the development of enterprises. Adhering to the concept of "people-oriented and talented people", the West Aluminum aluminum industry builds a competitive and orderly, dynamic, harmonious and win-win environment with high efficiency and pragmatism, and constructs a "win-win community of interests" between the company and its employees, so that employees can grow together with the enterprises in the atmosphere of humanistic care.

As the fundamental force to promote the development of the enterprise, the industry of aluminum and aluminum is regarded as the fundamental force to promote the development of the enterprise. Through constantly innovating the market oriented talent selection, use and training mechanism, it maintains the employee's rights and interests, listens to the staff's voice, respects the employee value, provides the development platform, builds a warm and harmonious home with the heart, and promotes the common growth of the employees and the enterprises.

Strengthening staff training

The growth of the West aluminum industry is an important factor for the sustainable development of the aluminum aluminum industry. Therefore, the training of employees is the obligation and responsibility of the aluminum aluminum industry. The company strives to build a comprehensive and targeted training system, to improve the professional and comprehensive quality of all employees, and to cultivate a contingent of diversified talents with modern management awareness and professional standards. In order to enhance the pertinence of the training, according to the different talents, the training plan, the training form, the skills and the practice are carried out, and the training needs can be effectively met and the training effect is improved.

Unimpeded development channel

The industry of aluminum and aluminum is respecting every employee, with a very high multicultural inclusiveness, widening the career development space for employees from different nationalities, different sexes and different educational backgrounds, providing management, professional technology and other development sequences for employees and building a broad growth platform. To provide employees with diversified career development opportunities, to improve the incentive and assessment mechanism of talents, to explore the competency model of middle level leaders, to promote the selection and training of middle-level leaders, to accelerate the growth of young talents, and to strengthen the flow of personnel.