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Three national aviation aluminum standards led by Southwest Aluminum will be implemented

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Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Standards Commission issued the No.1 National Standard Announcement of 2024, which includes 406 national standards. Among them, three national standards for aluminum alloys are led by Southwest Aluminum and will be implemented from October 1st.

West Aluminum - West Aluminum Industry Telecom: Among them, the General Technical Specification for Aluminum Alloy Forgings for Aviation and the General Technical Specification for Aluminum Alloy Pipes, Bars, Shapes, and Wires for Aviation are newly formulated national standards, which are respectively applicable to aviation aluminum alloy die forgings, free forgings, and aviation aluminum alloy pipes, bars, profiles, and wires. They regulate the general requirements for dimensions, surfaces, and special requirements for qualification identification and process control of aviation materials. The formulation of these two national standards is necessary for the localization and internationalization of aviation materials. The release and implementation of these standards have filled the gap in domestic aviation aluminum standards, and have important practical significance in improving the quality of aviation aluminum materials in China, breaking the monopoly of high-end aluminum alloy materials abroad, realizing the autonomy and controllability of high-end aluminum alloy materials in China, and helping domestic large aircraft develop faster and better.

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