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Southwest Aluminum's 30000 ton vertical forging press upgrading and renovation project has been officially completed and resumed production

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After 90 days of careful organization, precise design, and precise construction, the Southwest Aluminum 30000 ton vertical forging water pressure machine upgrade and renovation project undertaken by China Yizhong has successfully completed the shutdown and renovation, and officially resumed production.

West Aluminum - West Aluminum Industry Telecom:On March 11th, accompanied by the powerful words of Li Yong, Deputy 

General Manager of China Aluminum High end Manufacturing and Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Southwest

Aluminum Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Southwest Aluminum), after 90 days of careful 

organization, precision design, and precise construction, the upgrade and renovation project of Southwest Aluminum's 

30000 ton vertical forging water pressure machine, undertaken by China Yizhong, was successfully completed and resumed 


The 30000 ton forging hydraulic press is a large-scale equipment independently designed and manufactured in China,

and also one of the "Four National Treasures" of Southwest Aluminum. In 1977, it successfully produced large

aluminum alloy frame forgings for aircraft, marking the beginning of China's path towards large-scale development of 

aviation forgings. For over 50 years, the 30000 ton forging hydraulic press has continuously created a legend in China's

aluminum processing industry, shouldering the important responsibility of ensuring the supply of key supporting materials 

required in national key areas and playing an extremely important role in serving national strategies.

In order to meet the needs of national development and improve strategic support capabilities, on December 11, 2023,

Southwest Aluminum's 30000 ton forging hydraulic press officially launched upgrading and renovation. During the 

project construction period, various participating units led by China First Heavy Industry Corporation worked together 

and closely cooperated to fully ensure the smooth achievement of the established milestone goals. Especially during the 

Spring Festival, the participating personnel remained steadfast in their posts, fighting on the front line of project 

construction, racing against time, working hard, and successfully completed the upgrade and renovation task 10 days ahead

of schedule.The renovated 30000 ton forging press has significantly improved the equipment body and control accuracy,

significantly enhanced the forging quality, and greatly improved production efficiency, providing more solid and 

powerful support and guarantee for the production of advanced materials such as die forgings and high-temperature 

alloys by Southwest Aluminum.  

Southwest Aluminum will not only maximize the efficiency of "new" equipment and produce more

high-quality products, but also firmly grasp the strategic positioning of the "four special strengths" of China 

Aluminum Group. It will closely focus on the goal of doubling the high-end production capacity of China Aluminum, 

further improve the production and sales scale, production efficiency, and equipment intelligence and informatization

level, rely on "major national heavy tools" to forge new quality productivity, empower the enterprise's high-quality

development, and resolutely fulfill the major mission of "important metal material strategic guarantee", contributing 

Southwest Aluminum's strength to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Officials and relevant personnel from China National Heavy Industry Corporation, AVIC Chengfei, Sichuan AVIC, Steel

Research Gaona, Sixth Metallurgical Group, and Southwest Aluminum attended the completion ceremony and jointly witnessed

the official start of production of the renovated 30000 ton forging oil press. At the highest pressure level of 30000

tons on that day, the 30000 ton forging hydraulic press smoothly pressed the free forging process, operated stably, 

and controlled with precise accuracy. This marks that the upgraded and renovated 30000 ton forging oil press will take 

on a new look, injecting new energy and stimulating new vitality to accelerate the development of Southwest Aluminum.

(Chongqing Xialu Xinda Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. Publicity Department collates contributions)

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