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Adhering to the "true" core "to communicate, always to be the first" core concept, the West Aluminum aluminum industry always adhere to the "music, dedication, professional" professional concept of talented people.

Based on the talent concept of "higher quality than all, ability to be better than education", it will provide full promotion opportunities for all competent employees; at the same time, the talent strategy of "internal training and external introduction" is a multi-channel training of high-level talents.


Music, dedication and specialty

The music industry is a psychological requirement for the employees of the West Aluminum aluminum industry, requiring employees to enjoy their jobs. Only when employees like their jobs can they work in a happy mood, so that they can work efficiently and creatively.

Dedication is a responsible attitude. It is bold to take responsibility for any work done by one's own hands.

Professional is applicable to every post, and every post will be the highest in the industry.

Morality is higher than everything, ability is better than education

The West aluminum industry is based on humanized system management. It pays attention to the evaluation and training of the comprehensive quality of people. It regards good moral character as the cornerstone of Beek's development, and pursues the talent idea that is better than education.

To appoint people, insist on the selection and use of talents with an open mind and a good view of people, open selection, comprehensive assessment, on the able and mediocre, to keep the healthy development of the talent team.

It is only applicable to the company. It is not enough for the company to blame. Everyone has his own expertise. He should arrange suitable posts according to each person's strong points.

The internal culture is the main, and the external introduction is supplemented.

In the internal training, the company has been established for more than 20 years, and has always pursued the staff's intensive training and echelon management.

On the deepening training of staff, we have established the mechanism of continuing education for talents, implemented full staff training, and trained professional, professional and even internationalized talents. It

Every year, companies will conduct extensive training in management and skills to improve their ability to solve problems, communicate and execute. It

West Aluminum Department of human resources training center, responsible for the company's personnel training. At present, the center has successfully passed the national qualification certification, and has been awarded "high skilled personnel training base", "Longgang District college graduate trainee base" qualification. The training center covers an area of 1000 square meters, with beautiful environment and complete hardware and software facilities. There are training classrooms 5 rooms and multi-function reporting hall 1 rooms. It can accommodate nearly 800 people at the same time. It

The West Aluminum aluminum industry has the following personnel training module:

New employee induction training (covering all new employees of the company, divided into management, staff, operator, graduating student training at 4 levels)

On the job training (general knowledge, professional knowledge, management skills training, etc.)

Grass-roots cadres training (company leaders, supervisors and other related training?)

Outstanding staff selected overseas training (arrange outstanding personnel to the United States, Canada, Japan and South Korea, etc.)

Special training (to deal with sudden and bottleneck problems related to production, specific training)

Continuing education (including school enterprise cooperation degree education, national qualification certification training, MBA, etc.)

In the management of the echelons, the company has formulated the "promotion management system" and "the management measures for post competition promotion" to ensure the role of the promotion of talent in the system. It

Employee welfare

The personal development of employees is closely related to the company's business development. The personal development of employees has become an important part of the overall development of West Aluminum Group. It is the direction that we have been working hard to establish a harmonious employment relationship and make employees grow together with the Western aluminum aluminum industry group at the same time. It


Pluralistic benefits: provide employees with a number of benefits, such as competitive remuneration and multi-channel promotion space, birthday blessings, health examination, free lunch, housing subsidies, traffic subsidies, communication subsidies, buses, opening ceremony, project bonus, Title Evaluation and many other welfare policies. It

Rich amateur activities: a wealth of amateur activities for the staff, both outdoor development training, the West Aluminum aluminum industry annual meeting and other team activities, health lectures and charity events, as well as sports competitions and other competitions.